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I work alongside organizations to find novel solutions to everyday challenges though user-centric software.


A passionate product manager with five years of experience delivering market changing products that delight users.

I unknowingly built my first software product in the sixth grade. As a child with excess energy and many questions, I was given a challenge to create the classroom website with the hope it could be where I—quietly—channeled my curiosity. Whether my teacher was tapping into an interest I didn’t yet know I had or saw it as an opportunity to keep me occupied, it had the makings of my future career. I was given a problem that needed solving, a market of interested users, and the resources to bring a concept to life.


Today, I lean on my engineering and business background, in addition to my experience across a wide range of disciplines, to successfully launch B2C and B2B software products. In my approach, I strike the right balance between being pragmatic and results-driven, without neglecting team culture, technical quality and the end user’s needs.

I’ve worn many hats as an individual contributor and as a leader, influencing how I collect and interpret data, communicate requirements or mockups, and prepare the go-to-market strategies that rally cross-functional stakeholders behind a shared vision.

Product Management

Lean on my experience in B2B and B2C companies ranging from legacy Enterprise applications to hopeful Start Ups. Need someone to help achieve your vision?

  • Feature Prioritization & Roadmapping
  • Product Strategy
  • User Adoption and Onboarding
  • Market Intelligence

Growth & Operations

Want some ‘fresh-eyes’ to help embrace change? I have designed, implemented and managed systems that promote scalability, sustainability and profitability.

  • Dev / Marketing / Product Ops
  • System Administration & Integration
  • Data & Analytics
  • Process Optimization

Software Development

I do more than talk. As a lifelong student of technology, I am always interested to flex my technical muscles and dive into some code.

  • UI / UX / CX Design
  • Web Development
  • REST / graphQL APIs
  • Simple Full Stack Applications


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